What Comes Around Goes Around

Debbi Mack
3 min readMay 27, 2022


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This is a reposting of a column I wrote in October 2012. A lot of shit happened that year. Anyway, here’s what I wrote.

This year has been unusual for me, in more than one way. Each time I write my monthly column, I look at the one I wrote the year before and I compare where I was at that time with where I am now.

Last year, at this time, I wrote a column about the amazing Joan Vinge.

I wrote it from a place of fear and insecurity. However, when I saw what Vinge had accomplished despite her misfortunes, I was singularly impressed.

To me, this stood as proof that those who have the tenacity to get the job done can survive and thrive.

I myself have been pushing the boundaries of my own abilities, while trying to be mindful of my limitations.

If I’m going to keep writing and be happy, I can only do so much. I’m still trying to figure out the right work-life balance. And, no, my body doesn’t always cooperate, but I have to focus on what it does right, instead of worrying about what it does wrong.

Now, I’ve taken what feels like a leap into the unknown, by launching a crowdfunding project for the Sam McRae Mystery Series.

Through this project, I hope to more easily distribute my books to readers around the world. While ebooks are awesome, the truth of the matter is that not everyone prefers them. Not only that, but not everyone can afford an ereader.

It’s my hope that I can reach as many readers as possible through this project, and that this series can continue with reader support, as well as any support that the literary community may wish to offer.

As I write this, I’m contemplating the fact that I’ll be at Bouchercon next week. [This year, it’s being held in Minneapolis, MN. I won’t be there, unfortunately. One word: dystonia or COVID.] Then, a couple of weeks afterward, I’ll be attending the Austin Film Festival. [Which is always in, where else, but Austin!] I won’t know a soul, and I’ll probably feel like hiding in my room, but I won’t, because I won’t want to miss the opportunity to meet new people and make new contacts in the whole different world of filmmaking. Not to mention the chance to see the great films they’ll be screening.

I made a point of going this year, since I have my own dreams of being a screenwriter. I’ve got a screenplay written and everything. [Well … more than one, actually.] I’ve also got a novel or two that could make a great movie. [The first novel in this series is even under option. Has been for a while.]

PS: That crowdfunding project looks more impressive than it actually is. Think Angel Investor! 🙂

PPS: It’s a journey. And she who limps is still walking. 🙂

There, I said it. :)

Did I mention music? 🙂

I know where I have to go the next time I’m in the UK. Portmeirion, Wales! 🙂 I hear it’s kind of creepy and surreal.

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