The Sunday Paper: Chapter 6

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Quick warning: These links are all to articles from the Washington Post. As such, they may require you to subscribe to the Post to read them. None of the links are affiliate links and I am not paid by the Washington Post or anyone else to post these links. Thanks for your attention.

Hi, everyone! The news has been more than a bit overwhelming at times, but here are a few articles that may be of interest. I hope.


Federal aid often fails to reach poorest Americans.

VA traverses rural West to coax vaccine skeptics.

Just waiting for cicada-Palooza!

Good night, sweet prince.

Have you seen this man? And, if you did, what would you do?


‘Freedom’: What was it good for? (This sole oddball result came up while I was searching for the previous link!)

We instinctively add new features. Why don’t we subtract?

Book World

Exploring the art of the photograph, and the photograph as art.

John Boehner’s unvarnished tales of how Congress became ‘Crazytown’.

Breaking barriers to become NPR’s founding mothers.

Seeing a threat to democracy in a conservative court.

A young correspondent in Cold War Moscow.

12 ways of looking at the one and only, beguiling and appalling Alfred Hitchcock.

Rickie Lee Jones on hard times and good luck.

Can you guess which one of the above reviews I’m most interested in?

(Go on. Guess. Feel free to leave a comment. You won’t win anything, but that’s not really the point, is it? It isn’t, is it? Well, I hope not. Okay, I’m done. Sorry! Thanks!)


Website for Musk’s tunnel-digging firm no longer lists D.C.-Baltimore plan.

What kind of sicko does this? (Yes, I’m talking about shooting the turtle.)


Everyone leave Facebook now and join the party on LinkedIn! (It’s an article about how LinkedIn is somehow helping people (mainly women) wih gaps in their resume due the pandemic (I think). Anyway, I searched like crazy for this one, but couldn’t find it. I suppose Gene Weingarten will send me the link and make a snarky comment here. That’s okay. I forgive you in advance, Gene.) (Gene and I go way back. He either hates me or ignores me!)

Here’s something about turning 30 that I witnessed with horror happened to find.

Fight gears up over who pays for Texas blackouts.


Helen McCrory: Actress brought intensity and depth to stage, film roles.

Arts & Style

Why do the Oscars matter? (No, really! I want to know.)

Looks like they made it. Maybe?


49 new reasons to hit the road this summer.


D.C.’s Rising Libertarian Star. And just a note: perhaps we should focus less on shadows and flame, and work on leaving the cave. 🙂 Just a random thought.

“Shakespeare’s a bit like a puppy that really loves being engaged and played with. Because he, himself, was such an interesting, subversive, unpredictable force.”

The Search for Environmental Hope. In other words, keep hope alive even if you’re panicking? Or don’t panic, even though you could?

FWIW, Towel Day is coming. Eventually! 🙂

And finally!

Pearls Before Swine.

Except wait!

PS: The Casual Acting and Screenwriting Meetup Welcomes You! 🙂

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