The Sunday Paper: Chapter 5

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Well, here we are again! Surprise, surprise! 🙂

Let’s get to it, shall we?


Amazon’s success in union fight is Big Tech’s latest win. (Check the URL for the only semi-odd reference to “Uber”.)

Migrants find IDs a barrier to vaccination.

Sunday Opinion

Our greatest libraries are melting away. (“Climate change” gets a nod in the URL.)

Cicadas are a godsend.

Business Section

Covid maroons maritime workers.

Why are white people so stupid?


Anti-vaxxers put us all at risk. Facebook and Twitter must act. (Uh, yeah. The online headline is different.)

Big Tech will have its day in court.

Book World

For a final collection, RBG picked her favorite arguments and opinions.

Excitement, glamour and occasional gunfire: The life of a Pan Am stewardess.

The many faces of Ramona Quimby.


White’s Ferry reopening delayed up to 10 months over 50-cent fee dispute.


Former attorney general became critic of U.S.

British actor earned a Tony nomination for Broadway debut.

Arts & Style

The world is fast. This band is faster. (Blogger’s note: That ain’t no shit!)

A pressing engagement on TikTok.


D.C.’s Flower Power Couple.

Margaret Huang: “Agreeing on a shared history together is always one of the first steps to then figuring out how we make the future better.”

I had no idea Dumbarton Oaks was created by two women!

I feel your pain, Gene! Who gives a good goddamn flying fuck crap about birthdays? But I will take them over the alternative.

And, finally …

The Funnies!

Pearls Before Swine!

But wait! There’s more! 🙂

From around the Interwebs!

New Fair Use Guidelines: the Defense Narrows.

‘Brilliant and versatile’ Observer and Guardian journalist Sarah Hughes dies at 48.

Webinar: Going Deeper: How to Ask Better Questions
with Kristen Fischer, NAIWE’s Journalism Expert

Deplatform yourself: how to leave Facebook, Instagram & WhatsApp.

Well, I’d say that wraps things up for another week! Until next time, have a great week!

PS: I nearly forgot to mention the BEST news of the week! Nationals win their home opener!!!

Time begins on Opening Day!!!!

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