The small print: This blog isn’t officially affiliated with Rock the Vote. But we hope they don’t mind our using their logo here!

On that note (with the understanding that by reading this, you hereby accept my terms and conditions, as well as those of WordPress, Google and Amazon’s cloud computing platform), here’s the good news from Maryland!

Wes Moore becomes Maryland first black governor.

Anthony Brown elected new Maryland attorney general.

Brooke Lierman declares victory as Maryland’s first woman female chief financial officer.

What Maryland voters said on Election Day.

Nearly everybody can get stoned. Legally.

PS: What does this have to do with anything really? Why would they know? Shouldn’t they be more concerned with other issues? How do I know the whole thing isn’t scripted? How many guys did you interview? Where did you find these men? How many men total did you survey? How many of them might have been waiting for test results on “man stuff?” Sorry, I’m probably overthinking the whole thing. Yeah, could be.

Now, tell me everything you know about prostate cancer.

Without Googling it.

When I asked a man I know what a prostate does, he gave me the wrong answer, which I only know now because I Googled it.

And, by the way, what’s the significance of the vas deferens? And why should I care? Should I care???

Maybe we should flip the script? :)

And if you search on “if women had penises,” you get this! :) It’s too awesome not to share!

PS: Guess what book officially came out in print today? :) Finally …

I’m going to go collapse now …

Too bad I didn’t live on the Upper West Side of New York. Oh, well, I have “no complaints.”



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