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This was originally published on my old website in November 2012. Some time and lots of effort on my part has passed since then. A whole shitload of stuff. 🙂

This year has been extraordinary, in so many ways. I feel so fortunate to be able to do the things I’ve done. This summer, I went to Ireland and the UK, and met people there that I’d only known online. That was extraordinary. Among them, I got to meet an actual reader, who became acquainted with my books through a donation I made to his local library in Brentwood, England. How many American authors get to do a one-on-one signing for a reader at a local café in England? That was just one of the great highlights of my trip.

And it was all made possible because I was a blogger, who happened to have five blogs. I also happened to like and certain other British shows, like . In fact, I have a fondness for sci-fi and have sometimes considered writing in that genre.

However, for now, I’m finishing up my young adult novel, and in the wake of attending the Austin Film Festival, I’m hoping I can sell my screenplay and (with any luck) the film rights to the Sam McRae mystery series. [Or, at least, one of the books. And that happened in the interim. Amongst other really interesting things!]

And I’d like to write more screenplays, in addition to writing novels. But let’s take this one day at a time and see how it goes. Here’s hoping.

Furthermore, I’m relaunching the Sam McRae mystery series campaign on Indiegogo. [No, no … that’s long over with, okay?] The new deadline is December 10. Please like the Sam McRae Mystery Series Facebook page. [Don’t bother. It doesn’t exist anymore. However, feel free to join Debbi Mack’s Book and Movie Club on Facebook. I still hate Facebook, but it’s my best option right now. Until something else comes along, anyway.] Any support or contributions would be greatly appreciated. [I even have a tip jar now. Wow!]

One thing I’ve come to realize is that I’m capable of much more than I thought possible. I’ve come to realize that much of what’s possible is determined by one’s own attitude toward obstacles. What seems impossible may, in fact, be possible if you only make the right choices.

Furthermore, the only way to know for sure if you can do what seems impossible is to do it. Pay no attention to those who say you can’t, for they will only place unnecessary doubts in your mind. Focus strictly on what it takes to get from point A to point B and get there.

Yet, at the same time, remember you’re only human, and you’re entitled to a life. So, step away from the keyboard now and then. Put down your devices and just appreciate what’s real. Your health and happiness are more important than anything else. Your family, friends and others you care for matter more than all the world’s riches.

This appears to be my brand. One I’ve been building all along. I just didn’t realize it until last year.

That’s why writers should blog as if their lives depended on it.

Now, I’m a happy fool. However, a quitter never wins.

And now, it’s like I’m starting all over, except even better prepared.

PS: Being a “happy fool” is like being a “hoopy frood,” only more so. 🙂

PPS: At some point, I’ll probably launch another one of those … crowdfunding thingies …! 🙂

Originally published at on June 3, 2022.



New York Times bestselling author of seven novels, including the Sam McRae Mystery series. Screenwriter, podcaster, and blogger. My website:

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