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Debbi Mack
2 min readMar 14


I’m actually writing this on Sunday, something I wouldn’t normally do.

All indie creators need to see this. Especially indie authors, who don’t even have a union.

The article is called Quiet on Set | The hidden dangers of movie and TV production. (A gift link from the ever-awesome Washington Post and our good pal, Jeff “Everything Store” Bezos.)

So … for those of you writing three or four books a year, I highly recommend you watch the short documentary embedded in the article.

Here are some of the quotes I managed to write down as I was watching this.

“You are just a line item”

“I’ve lost jobs for speaking up.”

“nobody cares”

“afraid to call it in because getting blacklisted is a very real thing”

“It takes something dramatic to happen for anything to change”

“Do I really want to go back to what we thought was normal?”

Streaming projects that offered lower wages.

“The tech companies are ruling the world.” (Ahem!) (What was saying about Hit- never mind! 🙂 )

A new contract for IATSE members.

“If you don’t accept this, you’re going to lose and it will be worse.”

“We’ve staunched the bleeding, but not healed the wound.”

“I don’t think it’s a flaw in the system. I think it’s part of the system.”

“This reality doesn’t have to be like this.” [or words to that effect]

Makes comparisons to some dictator or other look pretty lame, huh? ROFL

PS: Don’t forget …! I’m blogging most of this! 🙂

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