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Hi! Today, I’m reviewing Rest.

This is a really good book. I’m going to recommend this highly, because I think most of us really don’t understand and appreciate the value of rest. Especially now with the way we’re living, with information constantly being bombarded at us, and so many choices and so much we could do or don’t choose to do. But the emphasis on productivity over rest or producing over rest is addressed in this book, the problem and the science. And while some of this is stuff that I didn’t really need convincing on, I would say the best part of this for me was “Part Two: Sustaining Creativity”, because it focuses on the solutions and why they’re needed. So I was especially intrigued by the one on sabbaticals and it makes me wonder if I should take one at some point. Maybe not a year off, but perhaps I should take sabbaticals on a regular basis. In any case, there was a part here that I thought was particularly good in the conclusion.

“The ability to detach from a workplace that wants to commoditize your emotional life and to cultivate a private life rather than succumb to easy alternatives that keep you in the office is more valuable than ever.” I would suggest you think about that. I know I’m thinking about it and I really do highly recommend reading this book, if you need any convincing that slowing down sometimes is a good idea.

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That’s it for me. And I’ll talk to you later.





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