My Book Review of ‘No B.S. Guide to Direct Response Social Media Marketing’

Hi! Yes, as indicated, this thing I wrote does contain affiliate links. Okay? Cool. That box is checked. Onward! :)

Hi everyone! Well, I guess it’s about time I reviewed this book that I keep talking about.

I’ve been kind of holding it up and saying, “Wow. Look at this book.” Yeah, it’s really good. It’s excellent. I mean, it has the kind of advice that would be good for anybody, no matter what you sell online, really, honest.

One of the things I like about it is the way it’s organized. It’s organized so it makes its points in each chapter and then sums up each point in one of these tweetable sections. #NoBSsm Tweetable Takeaways. [You can literally tweet any of the points quoted in bold.]

It gives you basically the bottom line of each chapter. I mean, not that the chapters aren’t worth reading anyway, because you need to get into the details, but here are just some of the things I took away from this that I thought were great.

While automation is possible in social media, setting up your offers and just letting them run forever is not effective in the least.

Interesting thought there. Certainly by itself, it’s not effective in the least. I’m quoting him from the book.

Use tracking options available in each social media network profile and advertising platform.

That makes ultimate sense. Obviously, you want to track who’s clicking on your ads or who’s clicking on your links. That sort of thing.

A giant market is only useful to someone with a giant wallet.

Now that’s worth thinking about, isn’t it? Who are you trying to reach? Maybe you’re trying to reach a small part of the market, which frankly, I think most of us are. We are not Amazon or Rakuten or Walmart. We are who we are. Anyway, we’re small.

I like this one, especially.

It is much better to have 500 raving fans than 10,000 tepid followers.


And, finally: Focusing on a certain few means creating raving fans who will pay you top dollar to meet their needs.

Got that? Okay.

That’s not the final one. The final one is: Guessing is not good when it comes to marketing, especially when the answers are available to you.

I’ll leave you with that thought. These are just some of the points made in this book and it gets into more detail in the book. So I highly recommend it. Thanks. I’ll talk to you later! 🙂

You can buy this book on Amazon. ​ (affiliate link)

You can also buy it on Apple. (affiliate link)

You can buy a print copy here, too. (affiliate link)

And here’s my review in a sentence: “A definite must-read for anyone who sells anything online.” You can quote me on that! 🙂




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