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Debbi Mack
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Hi, today I’m reviewing Build the Damn Thing by Kathryn Finney. She recently spoke at the Howard County Library, and I attended by Zoom. In any case I thought it was interesting because it’s about how to start a successful business if you’re not a rich white guy, and I’m not a rich white guy. So I thought this would be the perfect book for me to read. And in many ways, this is absolutely the perfect book for me to read.

It’s the kind of book that anyone should read if they’ve ever said, “I can’t.” <laugh> If you’ve ever looked at a situation and said, “I can’t do this,” chances are good that you probably can. You just think you can’t. And once you can get past that mindset of, I simply can’t, it’s amazing what you can do.

So if for no other reason, I recommend getting this book, get it out of the library, get it at a bookstore, get it wherever you like to get it and read it and follow the advice. Just build the damn thing. Just do it. I think that’s what it kind of comes down to.

So I will give this one high marks, definitely. And it may not apply to every single thing you’re doing. I mean, you may not be seeking venture capital like this woman was, but it will tell you something about the mindset that’s required to do things that will get you farther along and that really is the point. That’s it then. Thanks so much and I’ll talk to you later.

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