Let’s Party Like It’s 1990-Something!

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I’ve never heard a version of “Wonderwall” quite like this one before! 🙂

It’s simply too good not to share!

Apparently, the Mike Flowers Pops, aka MFP, The Pops or The Mike Flowers Pops Orchestra, were an “easy listening” band. I’m not sure “easy” is the word I’d use to describe listening to them, though.

I do concur with Lou Reed, who said, “That is one of the funniest things I’ve ever heard in my life.”

You can read more about Mike Flowers Pops (or Music for Pleasure or whatever) by clicking here.

Thanks, Paul, for yet another interesting music video! 🙂

PS: Happy new year, happy holidays, and enjoy yourself! Here’s another awesome video!

Thanks, Paul. Where do you come up with this stuff? 🙂

PPS: Dave Barry’s Year in Review 2020! Always good for a laugh. And they didn’t even delete the Amazon references this time! 🙂

And even though this is funny:

“In business news, Amazon (founded by Washington Post owner Jeff Bezos) pays $237 billion in cash to acquire Four Seasons Total Landscaping.”

This is even funnier! 🙂

Let’s see … $33.2 million divided by [insert ungodly number of KDP Select Authors] + [algorithmic weirdness some factor or other] = $0.004644 per page read (I think).

Wow! Sign me up! Not.

PPPS: Man, things I find on the Internet! 🙂

Thank you, Phil Shapiro!

PPPPS: I get the last word. 🙂

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