Lessons Learned from Seth Godin: Part Eight — One Honest Indie

These are just thoughts inspired by various posts from Seth Godin’s blog. He’s something of a marketing expert, certainly much more of one than myself. That’s become painfully clear.

About “The programmatic ask”

Don’t market on autopilot. Put yourself into it and be honest. Form relationships.

Fast, geeky, and slick is being innovative in the wrong way.

Here’s a link to the source.

PS: Oh, yeah. Seth totally hates Amazon! 🙂

About “Raining on your picnic (on your birthday)”

Quit taking others’ opinions so damn personally.

Grow the fuck up. And do the work.

Here’s a link to the source.

About “Gift cards, serial numbers and hard technology”

The Internet needs to be fixed. And let’s not forget how to be human.

And you got to read the whole thing, because Seth is a great storyteller, when he wants to be. And what he wrote made me laugh.

Here’s a link to the source.

About “Labor and value”

Let me put this in “writer” terms.

Amateur writers do it for themselves. Professional writers do it for others.

One is navel-gazing. The other is communication.

Here’s a link to the source.

About “Messing with Strathern’s Law”

It doesn’t matter how many people like you on Facebook or anywhere else on social media, if your only goal is to curry favor.

Ask yourself, “What are you really accomplishing?”

Here’s a link to the source.

About “Defending change (or the status quo)”

When deciding whether change is good, be rational and unaffected by emotional connections to the past.

And good luck with that, because Seth is as confused as anyone about how to do this.

Here’s a link to the source.

Any thoughts? Opinions? Anyone reading this? 🙂

Originally published at https://debbimackblogs.com on February 22, 2022.



New York Times bestselling author of seven novels, including the Sam McRae Mystery series. Screenwriter, podcaster, and blogger. My website: www.debbimack.com.

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