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Debbi Mack
5 min readJun 6, 2022


Hi there! Yes, it is Sunday morning, and I have been reading the paper. Yeah. I really do read the paper.

Actually, I tore these out because it makes it a lot easier to, you know, hold them up and stuff with my gamy (sp?) hand and all. Anyway, I love this article about cryptocurrency. I mean, yeah. Anybody who’s surprised at the idea that there’s a problem with cryptocurrency has been living in denial or something, I think. Let’s see, what else have I got here? Oh, yeah. I could not help, but notice this. This thing here. Wait, I can’t get my, sorry … there you see, look at that. “The dynamo and the dreamer: two men behind Apple’s recent boom.” I love the irony of this. Uh, wow. Let’s see. After Steve: How Apple Became a Trillion Dollar Company and Lost Its Soul. Uh, let’s see.

“No wonder Apple made money under Jobs — gobs of it” Da, da, da, da, da, da … where was I was looking for something in particular? Uh, “the monolithic company.” Oh, I think somewhere in here, there’s a mention of like an — oh, “By transforming itself into a global colossus — a ‘nation state’ as Tripp Mickle, a former Wall Street Journal reporter who recently joined the New York Times aptly calls it in his new book After Steve: How Apple Became a Trillion Dollar Company and Lost Its Soul.” Well, I don’t even have to tell you how ironic that is, right? I mean, this is the paper owned by somebody, some guy. Oh, oh, here.

I just love the picture.

That’s all. I mean seriously. Okay. That’s good. Okay. Wait, what else? I was, um, I didn’t really read about Watergate. I mean, I lived through Watergate, so I knew something about it, but what I thought was fascinating was this, this guy, um, I had no idea.

I, it just … Barry Sussman, huh? [That’s a gift link, BTW.] I was, I was just captivated by this obituary. I really was. Um, maybe I’ll share it in a blog post or something. Anyway, what else was I gonna talk about? Oh, the business section. Uh, yes. “Dream to Revive Supersonic Flights is On the Runway.” Cool. Sonic booms. I haven’t heard one of those in a while. “Meet the Crypto Critic Making the Industry Cower.” [Another gift link.] How nice to know that somebody understands this crap. Maybe. Where is she? I’m gonna just go flip to a picture of her if I can get there without, you know, sorry about this. This is my life. Um, this is my life, you’re saying, okay, wait, hang on. Hang on. I got it. Okay. Cryptocurrency. Yeah, there she is. Look at that. Yeah. Great. Awesome. Women making history. Oh, what was the other thing I was gonna show you? Sorry. Um, yeah, I’m getting there. Really. I am. I’m getting there. Uh, no one has time to read privacy policies.

In case you missed me. :)

No one has time to read privacy policies. Yeah. And if they had the time, do you think they’d do it? I mean, you know, they’re written by lawyers in the tiniest print and you don’t have really any choice about it. If you want, if you want this service, you’re gonna have to agree to it, anyway. Right? Or something anyway, um, there was something else I was gonna show you. Oh, that’s right. Um, shall we end with a rendition of “God Save the Queen”? Okay. The rest is there. Yeah. So anyway, congrats, congrats to the Queen and talk to you later.

Yeah. Oh, I’m wearing this hat because it’s Sunday and I’m hiding, allegedly hiding the fact that my hair looks like crap. Okay. Like who cares? Anyway? Have a nice day. Oh, and the weather report. Um, we had California’s weather this weekend. That was nice. Talk to you later.

One more ‘ting.

Hey, I almost forgot to mention the Washington Post Magazine, which I love to read. Um, yeah. Great article about Eliot Ness. Loved it. Fantastic. Oh, wait, let me show you his picture. Hold on. Picture of Eliot Ness. Very cool. An honest cop. I like that.

And this was especially good to read. Um, this man [Ady Barkan]. Um, let me see, uh, see if I can find what I was looking for there. Um, yeah, “political activist and co-founder of Be a Hero, a political action committee that supports liberal candidates and causes, diagnosed with ALS, Lou Gehrig’s Disease.”

Q: At 32 years old, you were diagnosed with ALS and given just three to four years to live. Can you talk about your darkest moment? What kept you going?

A: That first week was atrocious. Being diagnosed with ALS removed the ground from under our feet. It destroyed the stable life that [my wife] Rachael and I had built and the decades of a future that we thought we would have together. I struggled to grapple with the fact that while my world was upended, life around me continued on.

Then came a point when I realized that asking ‘“Why me?” was not a productive or helpful endeavor. … My diagnosis is unjust, but the world is, too. Millions of people meet fates far worse than mine simply by circumstance of their birth.

It isn’t fair or good or right, but I started to have more of a sense of perspective. Yes, I had received a death sentence, but it renewed my passion and commitment to reducing injustice elsewhere.

I cannot tell you how closely I relate to this person and how much I can appreciate what he is saying. And, um, oh, if you have any snarky remarks for me, uh, Gene Weingarten, feel free to make them. 🙂

Thanks. Talk to you later.

PS: Internet scams. There are more than you can imagine, aren’t there? 🙂

PPS: It takes a lawyer to read the fine print. Sometimes.

PPPS: How to turn a career sabbatical into a permanent lifestyle!

How about a song? 🙂

You’re welcome! 🙂

And look what song came up right after it! 🙂

And since I was on a roll, anyway! 🙂

Turns out it’s also D-Day! 🙂 Believe it or not, I totally didn’t plan any of this. 🙂

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