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I can use up the rest of my ungifted “gift links”-all for you, dear readers! 🙂

I’m so proud to say that I’m a three-time graduate of the University of Maryland! Go Terps! (Naked and otherwise.)

And here’s the song the article mentioned:

Does anyone write novelty songs anymore? Actually, this music video is pretty meta for its time.

Lifesaver or job killer? Why AI tools like ChatGPT are so polarizing.

Apart from the question of whether AIs could become so smart that the future becomes nothing but a cross between Blade Runner and The Terminator, let me at least put your mind to rest to some small extent.

According some legal experts (from the Copyright Alliance and the Copyright Society) I recently heard speak on the subject of AI and copyright, I understand that a completely AI-generated thing cannot be copyrighted. Not at this point, anyway. However, as one person described it, AI can be used to generate copyrightable content, but “the [human] author must conceive or oversee” the creating of the content. There must be a human making judgments about the content during the creation process.

Of course, if the AIs all start thinking like lawyers, we’re in deep trouble. 🙂 Yeah, ha.

The unofficial rules for talking on planes. In case you’ve forgotten how polite conversation works. But it lacks one of the cardinal rules: When someone’s reading a book, that means “no talking.”

And, speaking of books, I’m almost afraid to read this one!

She’s on the edge of calamity-but at least it’s funny.

I used to have a blog like that. In fact, this was the first post.

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