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Yeah, shit. I mean, hi! 🙂

What can I say? Literally, what I say, write, blog, or think?

This got my attention, because I used to work as an attorney defending agency decisions on Social Security disability claims. Well, the stories I could tell you about my first “real job” out of law school. But, I’ll save that for my memoirs or another blog post, whichever comes first.

And then this opinion caught my eye: Crypto is a solution in search of a problem.

Here’s the first few paragraphs (or grafs, as they used to call them when I was in journalism school):

Inflation keeps rising, stocks keep falling, a war rages in Europe, and the budding market for cryptocurrencies and other digital confections is vaporizing by the day. None of this is cause for joy. But the crypto implosion at least has a cleansing benefit: It offers an opportunity to mop up a speculative and overhyped mess that has gotten badly out of control, snookering gullible investors in the process.

Signs of carnage are everywhere. The price of bitcoin, the pioneering, 13-year-old cryptocurrency, is down 50 percent in six months. The values of other exotically named digital tokens such as solana, ethereum, XRP and dogecoin (begun as a joke and increasingly behaving like one) have fallen by similar percentages.

Um … yeah … let’s skip to the last grafs:

As with the aftermaths of other financial bust-ups, something good likely will emerge from the great crypto meltdown. Legitimately beneficial products, firmly regulated by governments, undoubtedly will emerge that will make someone a fortune and improve people’s everyday lives.

Until then, crypto remains a solution in search of a problem.

How … unsurprising? I can tell more than you’d want to hear about internet bubbles bursting. There are many indications that this article wouldn’t adapt well as a major motion picture. But, then again, maybe it might.

Remember: “Nobody knows anything.” William Goldman wrote that.

Okay, it took me a few tries, but I finally dug up this article. Again, not terribly surprising, given the fact that they could have created a template and simply updated it throughout the years.

Witness the headlines:

Maryland’s crab industry faces a worker shortage for second time in 3 years. By Scott Dance for the Washington Post, March 3, 2020.

‘Please come help’: Eastern Shore crab houses are suffering this summer because they didn’t get the visas needed to hire enough pickers from Mexico. By Teo Armus, Photos by Michael S. Williamson, Videos by Drea Cornejo for The Washington Post, August 17, 2018.

BTW, is it the Washington Post or The Washington Post? Don’t look at me. I’m not the Internet or internet copyeditor.

Don’t worry. Someday Amazon will turn your sleepy Eastern Shore villages into useful and productive warehouses. And you can get a job there. Assuming you can get the visas, of course. Amazon would never do anything illegal, right? Right?

And, FWIW, I was much less interested in this ( read a sample here — sorry, but I’m all out of gift links for May) than I was in this.

It’s taken me a while and the ability to step away from the keyboard to do this, but I feel this may be ready for public viewing. Of course, I had already Instagrammed it, but now I’m blogging it.

Feel free to follow me on The Gram. (Do they still call it that? Did they ever? Who ARE they, anyway? Yeah, I’m on there, even though Facebook owns them.)

This is the part where I’m supposed to say that she is Sam McRae, the protagonist of four novels, in the Sam McRae mystery series, the first book of which became a New York Times bestseller, believe it or not.

And, as someone once put it, there, I said it.

PS: Some of my books are even available in audio format!

Wait! What about the funnies? Well, but of course. Here are my picks!

Doonesbury actually made me laugh. How sad is that?

Pearls Before Swine! Hilarious! I’m ready to swallow cyanide here.

Oh, Prickly City! How could you do this to me? 🙂 Oh, shit.

PPS: I forgot to mention my book trailers! 🙂

If you go through the playlist, note how much shorter each video gets, because we now have the attention spans of gnats on crack.

PPPS: OMG! Women Rule!

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