Another Blast from the Past!

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Me in my old law office!

It’s been a while since I put my last law office journal entry up. Anyway, here’s the next entry!

Saturday, December 23, 1995

Did I say something about how the system was a joke? Did I say that the X case might be a source of weird experiences?

Last Wednesday, we had the pretrial conference in the X case. Master R seem to be on my side at the beginning. When Ms. W said that Mrs. X couldn’t work because of tendinitis, he really gave her a look. Also, when Ms. W said that all these volunteer activities that Mrs. X shared with her child were in her best interest, R said, “Well, being sent to a finishing school in Europe would also be in her best interest, but they can’t afford it.”

Then, he went on to say that Mr. X should pay $1,100 a month alimony to her. Even though she gets trust fund income and regular payments from principal. Even though after 10 months, she doesn’t have a job. Even though Mr. X has nowhere near enough money to pay alimony in that amount.

We discussed the trust documents. R said I should depose the trustee.

Then, when we were setting up a hearing date, I suggested sometime in February. This raised a shriek from Ms. W-”Oh, not that long! Not for pendent lite [fancy Latin phrase for pending litigation], right Master R?” So now we have a hearing date in January-Jan. 12. And now I’m scrambling to set up depos on Mrs. X and the trustee. The trustee is supposed to get 30 days notice as a nonparty. Mrs. X is also supposed to get 30 days for document production. Oh, well.

$1100? How did he come up with that? He did some weird calculation. He didn’t take child-support into account. He probably used gross income, for all I know.

Why did we have to set this hearing up in such a rush when it’s been 10 friggin’ months?

Life is weird. I also filed a Motion for Sanctions and to Compel Discovery. Somehow, somewhere along the line, I’m getting those documents.

I finished my Christmas shopping today and wrapped the gifts. While I was out, I went to Marshall’s in Columbia, in a fruitless search for more dark blue long underwear shirts. I saw Lori Pinson, the weather woman from Channel 45. Looked like she was doing a little last minute Christmas shopping for the kids.

It’s so dry in this house, my skin feels like parchment. My lips are, as usual in winter, torn to shreds by my picking at the dry skin on them.

I still haven’t heard from the AG’s office.

Saturday, December 31, 1995

We had dinner at Uncle Albert and Jim’s today. They’re fun to hang out with.

Tomorrow, will check into the Marriott, then later head over to the comedy club for the 10:30 show.

They’re having fireworks again at the Inner Harbor. It’ll be fun. Colder than last time, but still fun.

Monday morning, we get breakfast at the hotel.

Tuesday morning, I have my deposition with Mr. P [the trustee]. Weather permitting. It should be interesting. I feel nervous, but I think I’m about as prepared as I can be at this point. It really shouldn’t be a long deposition, anyhow. The main thing is to get the documents, particularly the trust instrument and accounts, and put them into the record.

What new, weird horrors await me, I keep wondering. What strange objections will Ms. W raise? Or will she raise any?

I was telling Albert and Jim about the case. Nobody can believe this case. It really is completely and utterly insane that this woman should be getting any alimony. She is undeserving to say the least. Evil at worst.

We saw Pulp Fiction last night. Good movie.


PS: I’ve made great progress on my screenplay. Up to 90 pages. I did it by writing at least five pages a day. Bit by bit. Step by step. Every morning.

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