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Our next guest on the Crime Cafe podcast is James H. Roby, the author of the UrbanKnights thriller novel series.

James is giving away copies of Black Bear, the second novel in that series.

The first novel, The Random Affair, is available perma-free.

To get a copy of Black Bear for free, just go to the author’s website and click on “Find Out More”.




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Hi! I had a plan, sort of, for what I was going to do today, but actually I’m deviating from the plan, because I saw something online today that I want to share, because today is actually Martin Luther King’s birthday.

And even though you’re seeing this the next day, or whenever you see it, actually, since it will be up there for however long it’s up there, I just wanted to say this was something from Seth Godin’s blog that I thought was particularly apropos of anybody who writes, markets their writing, markets anything, or just are basic, decent human beings. He talks about three types of kindness. One is what I will call “kindness of politeness”. Saying please. Thank you. …

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Okay, so it’s actually a federal holiday weekend here where I am–the US of A–and with any luck, when you see this, we’ll still all be alive and well and not doing horrible things. I think that’s enough to convey my point, right?

So, anyway, whilst going through email, etc., I found this article about librarians!

Here’s a snippet of that:

Many librarians make a difference in what could be considered matters of life and death: connecting a patron to health information needed to make treatment decisions, or to social services that provide food and housing, or offering a teen in need the right book at the right time. …

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 25:16–17.7MB) | Embed

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Dear reader,

This post contains at least one affiliate link. Try not to hold that against me.

Oh, and I also mention Patreon. So, yeah. That, too.

Thank you! :) You’re awesome.

The Awful, I mean, The Author

Debbi Mack interviews crime writer Cathi Stoler on the Crime Cafe podcast.

For your podcasting needs, I use and recommend Blubrry Podcasting.

I also recommend Stitcher Premium, if you’re a fan of podcasts. If you like true crime or crime fiction, there are loads of podcasts out there for you. And with Stitcher Premium you can listen to the exclusive archives from Criminology or bonus episodes from True Crime Garage. …

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Hi there! 🙂 Back with another journal entry. This one’s short. Guess I was exhausted the nights I wrote them. Good practice for having dystonia, eh? 🙂

And here’s the previous entry.

Friday, January 26, 1997 (12:40 a.m.)

The wind’s whistling outside, meaning the cold is coming. Again.

I’m up to Chapter 25, and I’ve hit a “block” of some sort, but I’ll break through.

I guess I have to face the fact that I’m too much of a coward to be a freelance journalist.

I don’t want to believe that, but I haven’t done anything to prove otherwise.

I should really go to bed. But Penny [our cat] gets on my lap, and I just can’t move after that. Well, I just have to. …

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Today’s film review comes in video and text, for your watching/listening and/or reading pleasure! 🙂

Incidentally, this is an old video from an old YouTube channel. But my opinion stands. 🙂

Sorry about all that background music. I had a tendency to go overboard on these things back then.

Hi, Debbi Mack here and we recently saw Inside Llewyn Davis, which was an unusual movie, not for the Coen Brothers, because the Coen Brothers do all sorts of different types of movies, but just an unusual movie. …




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Image by Faby Green from Pixabay

Hi, everyone! Well, I had an idea what to do today. More random thoughts for the new year. And it just happened to coincide with something I saw on a blog that I like to read.

The blog is Lemon Shark, by the way, and the blogger is, Sarah Brentyn. And she normally writes flash fiction. So her blog posts are usually pretty short. Well, this one was pretty long and it was about One Word for 2021. And she does this every year. It’s a, it’s a ritual for her. And I have my rituals, too. I do, um, what do you call it? Towel Day every year. And now I seem to be developing the habit of doing an end-of-the-year video. I don’t know. …

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Hello! 🙂 Surprised to see this here? Well, I hadn’t actually planned to blog this, but then I thought why the fuck not/what do I have to lose/it’s a free country, right? 🙂

So, here are the headlines of interest I found while reading The Washington Post, Sunday edition.


How Jan. 6 became a day of historic ugliness in America.

Battling America’s ‘dirty secret’.


Will free speech survive the digital age?


Thousands lose jobs as companies flourish.

Blocked in U.S. by China’s WeChat. (print headline)

Chinese censorship invades the U.S. via WeChat. (online headline)

Arts & Style

A revealing trip down the Sunset Strip. …


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